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LEED Green Associate Exam Practice Test

06 May Posted by in LEED | 96 comments
LEED Green Associate Exam Practice Test

As promised last week, my 100 question LEED GA practice test is now available absolutely free by clicking the link below! This test has been used by hundreds of people who have attended SHP’s Green Associate Exam prep course to help prepare for their exam, and I have decided to make it available on my blog to so that others can benefit as well. I recommend using this practice test to assess your LEED knowledge and readiness for your exam. Remember to use the test taking tips and tricks I described in me post from last week!

Click here to download a PDF that includes 100 practice questions and answers with answer rationale.

  1. Allison McKenzie08-16-12

    Lisa- it’s on this page at the bottom of the text- just click where it says “here” which is a link…

  2. Allison McKenzie08-16-12

    Newton- unfortunately I don’t know much about the CAGBC exam. I would assume much of the general info is the same, but I would expect that the referenced standards especially may be different and in line with your local building codes and regs instead of the ones here in the US.

  3. Allison McKenzie08-16-12

    Congrats Luke! Great score!

  4. Einas10-11-12

    Thank you so much Allison.
    I was looking for LEED GA examx for so long,
    When was this one taken? which year I mean?

    Thanx again

  5. Allison McKenzie10-12-12

    Einas- this is a mock exam that I created based on the content likely to appear on the exam, it is not an actually exam that was given by GBCI.

  6. JRD10-22-12

    Thanks for a great test…..
    but i just got 50% correct answers from your test…
    will i pass the actual GA exam which require 170 score out of 200

  7. Allison McKenzie10-22-12

    JRD- they don’t publish what percentage you need to answer correctly to pass the test, but most people think it’s at least 70-80%, so you should probably study a bit more! Good luck!

  8. Farah12-09-12

    Thank you for sharing this resource Allison- greatly appreciated!

  9. IC12-22-12

    Thanks for the material and hoping that I can pass it… I wonder how realistic this is as my performance in different sample exams is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. It just seem to be all over the place.

  10. Allison McKenzie12-24-12

    IC- it’s hard to say for sure because everyone’s test experience is different since there is such a large pool of questions that the exam pulls from. I have gotten very positive feedback, though on how well the level of difficulty of the questions in my exam compare to the real exam even if you get questions based on different content.

  11. IC12-26-12

    I have to agree (after taking the real test at prometric) that your sample is one of the best I have come across. I guess I was overly worried initially because of how badly I did in some of the other “practice exams” (They are quite simply useless distractions, especially the one from ppi)…

    I nearly aced it at 196 pts. Thanks for your effort in publishing this resource for free!

  12. Allison McKenzie01-02-13

    Thanks for the feedback and congratulations on your new credential!

  13. Brent W01-06-13

    Thanks for the exam prep material! I just graduated last spring and have been working in pro practice for about seven months now, and my first goal for 2013 is to get my GA credentials. I’ve been studying intensively for the past few weeks now. Just a couple weeks to go til test day!

    Lets say I pass the GA, can you give me a sense of what I need to comprehend/know for my LEED AP BD+C Exam?

  14. Allison McKenzie01-28-13

    Brent- the LEED AP BD+C exam is much more technical and specific. You should be prepared to memorize the LEED credit requirements and be prepared to perform calculations associated with the credits such as calculating % of recycled content or calculating how many bike racks and showers you would need. The good news is that pretty much everything that could appear on the LEED AP BD+C exam is contained in the LEED BD+C Reference Guide, so that should be your go to resource for the exam.

  15. BReve02-27-13

    Excellent practice exam, very informative! I went thru the ‘Green Assoc Study Guide’ & ‘Core Concepts’ and I think this practice exam did just as much (if not more) to prepare me for the LEED Green Assoc test!
    The printout said the minimum passing score was 170 & that I passed with a 189.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this practice exam & answers!!!

  16. Carter O'Brien03-05-13

    This test was definitely helpful, I got 69 out of 100, but a few mistakes were due to not reading the questions carefully enough. Quite a few of the other mistakes were in fairly focused areas, so I have a pretty good idea of where I need to put in some more study time (I have a week and a half, so I think I’m in good shape).


  17. Dave03-15-13

    Thanks for the great resource.

  18. Carter O'Brien03-18-13

    Passed with a score of 194 this weekend, thanks again for your practice test & overall generosity!

  19. Jaime04-09-13

    Hi Allison,

    I am preparing to take the LEED GA exam, and I want to thank you for making these questions available for all of us. Also, I want to know when and where is the new sustainable “green” house be built along with Habitat for Humanity Cincinnati? Is there any opportunity for volunteers to be involved on this project? Since I’ve been volunteering for Habitat Cincinnati, I would love to participate on this magnificent project, please let me know.
    Thank you, Jaime

  20. Allison McKenzie04-11-13

    Jaime- good luck on your exam! The first “green” model house for Habitat was completed in January of 2011. Since then, it is my understanding that they are building a few more of this model each year. Cincinnati Habitat is referring to it as the “Homeside” model, so just check and see if any are going up this year!

  21. Teletron04-26-13

    This is the best, most accurate practice test around. I took several of them and found that nearly all were MUCH harder than the actual exam. Great job and thanks for the wonderful resource.

  22. Matt Roebuck08-26-13

    Thanks Allison,

    Taking the test as we speak to prepare for the upcoming LEED GA test.

  23. Clif09-09-13

    Upon taking the test, question 15 asks about postconsumer recycling. One of the answers stated as being correct is a steel beam made from used railroad ties. I have an issue with this due to railroad ties being made of wood or the case of ties, concrete. The answer should say, “Steel Beams made from used railroad rails.”

  24. Allison McKenzie09-09-13

    Hi Clif. I hope you’ve found the practice exam to be helpful. While you are correct that many or even most railroad ties are wood, steel is sometimes used for ties as well:

  25. Clif09-09-13

    Thank you for the information on railroad ties.

  26. Yox10-11-13

    thank you so much for this! you rock

  27. Mujeeb10-27-13

    Just came across your website by googling – definitely a very well prepared questions list (compared to some others i have used recently). Thanks. Any possibility that you have a similar questionaire for the BD+C ?

  28. Ben Steinberg12-26-13

    Hi Allison,

    The link to the practice test doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is this correct?

  29. Ben Steinberg12-26-13

    Never mind, the site was down for maintenance and it just worked!

  30. brent02-02-14

    I took a couple of practice exams after only reading the Green Associate Core Concepts book. I scored 40-50% on practice exams. I found a helpful 10 tips guide on I completed those ten items and started scoring in the 80-90% range, including this one. Thanks fot the practice exam.

  31. nina03-15-14

    Hi I’m taking my test this mon (St. Patty’s day) and have been practicing using the GBES exams I bought. I thought i was doing ok and have been averaging about 78-85 on the exams. However I have taken some other Free smaller quizes recently I found on line and have failed most of them. I’m now worried because how do I know if the content in GBES is sufficient. It also becomes repetative with the same questions being asked and how they are worded. I didnt want to spend more money on practice exams. I havent taken your test yet but I will. I was just wondering if you or anyone knew anything about GBES exams in relation to the actual material that is on the actual test and the level of difficulty.

  32. Nina03-15-14

    Hi Allison
    I just took the test and I got 78 and it took me an hour and a half. I was hoping to get at least in the low 80’s. But I am so glad I was able to take a different test other than the GBES. Thanks to you. I Wish there were more and wish there was something that I could do for you in return. :-) thanks again.

  33. nina03-15-14

    I have a question about # 46. Why couldnt E – Drinking Water be the answer. The question was… What is not a POSSIBLE SOURCE of graywater? You can’t drink greywater so its not even a possible source. Kindly explain, thanks

  34. Ashok03-28-14

    Nina, About your question #46, drinking water is one of the source of graywater. Question is asked for source for graywater not a type of graywater. Toilet water can not be a source of graywater. But graywater can use toilet flushing. Hope it will help.

  35. Sana05-24-14

    Hello. My exam is in two weeks. I have been practicing the GBES exams and studying in their study guide and other resources. I have one question. Where do we find in the reference guide that LEED for Homes and LEED for Commercial Interiors earn additional points for being previously certified. I searched a lot. I did not find. I would appreciate a reply

  36. Sana05-24-14

    This LEED Green Associate practice test is for LEED v3 RIGHT (LEED 2009)?

  37. Allison McKenzie05-26-14

    Yes- this exam is for the LEED v3 (2009) form of the test whihch is still being given through the beginning of July 2014.

  38. Allison McKenzie05-26-14

    Sana- which “reference guide” are you referring to? The LEED Green Associate exam covers all of the LEED rating systems, so the reference guide is not your only reference. Also make sure you check out the USGBC website and the general info contained there about all of the rating systems and their uses.

  39. Sana05-27-14

    I have all the references that were listed in the LEED Green Associate preparation on GBCI as well as the reference guide LEED v3 BD + C and a study guide purchased with the practice tests of GBES. I read everything and there is no where indicated that LEED for Homes and LEED for Commercial Interiors earn additional points for being previously certified. I know that LEED EB O + M earn additional points for being previously certified. And I deducted LEED for Homes after reading that they have credits and earn points for LEED ND. But I did not find why they earn additional points for LEED for Commercial Interiors. I would appreciate if you just tell me a reference, a link where this is explained. I will check again USGBC (I already did)

    Anyway, thank you for your help. Your free practice exam is different than GBES. I purchased GBES practice tests and even poplar. But yours is also very good. For examples I did not know that conifers are tiny trees :) I mean they take more than 5 years to grow. This is an additional information that I learned from you.

  40. Robert09-04-14

    Nice Post and thanks for sharing practice test about LEED GA Exam Prep. As, i am also planning to prepare for LEED green associate exams.

  41. Gavin Ireland01-13-15

    Hi Allison, I’m preparing to take the LEED GA exam this spring, is this practice test still useful because I heard they’re using a different version now. If so are there any resources you can recommend as study material for the new test.


  42. Jaye03-11-15

    Thanks Allison! It’s really nice of you to have posted this practice test even though the test version has changed to v4. I believe the test is still very useful.

  43. Jake04-24-15

    Gavin – I used this practice test for LEED v4 Green Associate Exam back in October and it was incredibly useful. Still very accurate to the current version of the exam.

    Allison – I’m preparing for my LEED AP BD+C exam now. Do you have any practice material for that with similar accuracy?

  44. Jeff Novak05-20-15

    Hey all, I just took LEED Green Associate (passed w/192) so I’ll say that MOST of the content on the practice test here is still good – a few things have apparently changed from LEED v3 to v4 (e.g. 100 mile limit instead of 500 for locally sourced materials, etc.)

    There are a few other resources available online that are v4 specific but I found Allison’s practice test useful in helping to assess core content knowledge as a first step, then used that to bolster the areas I had trouble with.

    Good luck to all – now I need to study (and pay, and pay, and pay) for LEED AP in a month or two.

    Thanks Allison for putting this together – it’s still helpful as a resource and I appreciate the effort in making it available for others!

  45. Allison McKenzie06-10-15

    Congrats on your pass! Thanks for the update on how this practice exam relates to the new exam as well. The candidate handbook showed very few changes in content between LEED 2009 and LEED v4 for the Green Associate, so it’s good to hear that the exam reflects that as well.

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